Department of Biosystems Technology offers the Biosystems Technology Honours Degree Program where it produces Bachelors of Biosystems Technology. Department will be established in well-equipped new buildings at the Faculty of Technology at Karagoda Uyangoda, Kamburupitiya. The curriculum of this degree programme focuses in producing Technologists with the knowledge and technical expertise in Biosystems in Agricultural, Biomedical, Bioprocessing and Environmental fields. Relevant knowledge in Basic Science and Statistics, Soft Sills, ICT knowledge, Entrepreneurship and Basic Management knowledge provide through relevant course units. This degree programme focus in providing broad knowledge in following specific areas.

Main Objectives of the program

i.Agricultural systems & Food production: Developing new farming and industry machinery for the production and harvesting of raw materials for food and drinks

ii. Food Processing: Developing efficient systems and equipment to process, handle and package foodstuffs to ensure quality of taste, health and safety of production.

iii. Biomaterials: Developing biomaterial production for the bio-energy and construction industries such as fuel crops or timber furniture.

iv. Environmental Engineering: Developing renewable energy resources, designing systems for sustainable development and environmental protection and preservation including pollution control and recycling systems.

Course Structure- Biosystems Technology Honours(BST)

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