Department of Engineering Technology offers a Bachelor of Engineering Technology Honours - BET(Hons) degree. The curriculum of this degree programme focuses on Electro-Mechanical instrumentations and process control, which incorporates elements of both Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Technology. The uses of this knowledge are abundant in modern Automobiles, Robotics, Automated production lines and other automated systems. The electrical component of the curricular includes course works on electricity and magnetism, current electricity, analog circuits, digital circuits, circuit analysis and faults diagnosis, electrical power systems, operation and maintenance of computer hardware and computer networking. The mechanical component of the curricular includes mechanical and engineering properties of matter, computer aided drafting, basic motor mechanics, hydraulic pumps, robotics, mechatronics and several workshop training course units. Integration of electrical and mechanical components takes place through several course units on applications.

Engineering Technology degrees are well-recognized around the world. Graduates with Technology degrees are internationally accredited according to Sydney accord, while Engineers are accredited according to Washington Accord and Technicians are accredited according to Dublin Accord. Furthermore, Institute of Engineers, Sri Lanka (IESL) has produced an Accreditation Manual for Engineering Technology Programmes outlining the criteria and procedures for accreditation, in parallel with the Sydney Accord. This degree programme is designed to produce internationally accredited Technologist in the area of Electro-mechanical Engineering Technology.

Main objectives of the program
To offer a quality degree programme for students who enter the university through Advanced Level Engineering Technology stream.

To produce graduates qualified to be professional Electromechanical Engineering Technologists locally as well as internationally.

To provide qualified manpower to enhance the productivity, quality, efficiency and sustainability of local industries through the use of relevant technologically developed Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical systems.

To produce Technologists with competent broad knowledge on electromechanical engineering technology in vast areas of applications

To produce graduates qualified to teach in Engineering Technology streams in schools and in Technical Colleges and knowledge transfer to society.

Course Structure- Engineering Technology (BET)

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