The Faculty of Technology is entrusted with offering degree programmes in the field of Engineering Technology, Information and Communication Technology and Biosystems Technology. The Department of Multidisciplinary Studies is one of the four departments of the Faculty that contributes towards these degree programmes. Understanding the importance of our graduates to be accepted by society, the Department of Multidisciplinary Studies is entrusted with the challenging task of developing soft skills of undergraduates who come from different cultural and social backgrounds, providing them with insight into how society functions through course modules covering social aspects and professional practice. Herein the course modules offered by the Department of Multidisciplinary Studies are designed to meet the requirements of the accreditation manuals prescribed for each department respectively.

Hence, in order to perform appropriately and survive in the world of today, every professional should possess technical skills, as well as language and communication skills, management skills, and skills related to society and the profession. Herein, the Department of Multidisciplinary Studies is committed in creating a multifaceted professional through course modules encompassing core areas of technology, business management, language and communication, finance and accounting, project management, business intelligence, innovation and entrepreneurship, professional practice, and projects.

A professional from the Technology stream should be conversant as to how society functions in order to create solutions to address the problems of society. They are also required to manage available resources efficiently, motivate and work with team members, and function as valuable members of society. In this regard, the Department of Multidisciplinary Studies provides undergraduates with an overall understanding of core management and communication areas, to complement their technical skills.

Main Objectives of the program

  • To provide undergraduates with communication skills which are essential for individuals to acquire and disseminate knowledge, and gain an advantage and excel in their chosen fields.
  • To facilitate the acquisition of additional knowledge and skills via non-technical course modules to effectively complete the degree program.
  • To bring about personality development of undergraduates by promoting the core values required to live in the society.
  • To produce well- balanced, capable and employable individuals who would take challenges in the development of the society while taking the responsibility for their own personal development.

Course Structure - Department of Multidisciplinary Studies

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