Dr. P.K. Subash Jayasinghe

Senior Lecturer

Dept. of Information and Communication Technology
Faculty of Technology, University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka
Phone:041-3006137 041 2222681 Ext.4505


PhD (Tokyo, Japan) , 2011

M.Sc(Ibaraki, Japan), 2008
B.Sc (Hons)(Ruhuna, SL), 2000

Professional Experience

Senior Lecturer: Department of Software Engineering, Faculty of Computing, Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT), Sri Lanka (July/2011 to Oct/2016)

Academic Head: Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT)/Matara Campus (Aug/2013 to Oct/2016).

Manager: Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology/Matara Campus (July/2013 to Aug/2015).

Professional Development Programs (PDP) coordinator: Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology/Matara Campus, (Oct/2012 to Aug/2015).

Teaching Assistant: Ibaraki University, Japan (Oct/2006 to Mar/2008)

Research Assistant: Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan (Apr/2008 to Mar/2011).

IT instructor: Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (Jul/2001 to Jun/2004).

Demonstrator: Department of Computer Science, University of Ruhuna (Jun/2000 to Jun/2001).

ICTFEST 2013, Event coordinator: Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology/Matara Campus, (2013).

ICTFEST 2014, Event coordinator: Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology/Matara Campus (2014).


Awards and Fellowships

JASSO scholarship for foreign student to pursue Master degree program at Ibaraki University, Japan, 2007.
JASSO scholarship for foreign student to pursue Doctoral research at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT), Japan (2008 to 2011).
Visiting Scholar, University of California Davis, CA, USA (Jan/2010 to Mar/2010).

Membership and Activities in Professional bodies

Member of Computer Society of Sri Lanka (CSSL).

Member of Japanese Society of Agricultural Informatics (Jsai).

Research Grants

SLIIT research grant 2016 (FGSR/RG/2016/04)

Contribution of Institutional and national development

Journal Publications

1. Jayasinghe, P.K.S.C and M.Yoshida: Evaluation of Forest Extent Changes: Multi-temporal Satellite Images, J. Appl Rem Sen, 2(1) :16-26, June, 2011.

2. Jayasinghe, P.K.S.C., H.A. Adornado, M.Yoshida and D.A.L.Leelamanie: Web-based GIS remote sensing Spatial Information System (SIS): A case study in Nuwaraeliya, Sri Lanka. J.Agri. Info. Research , 19(4): 106-116, Dece, (2010).

3. Jayasinghe, P.K.S.C and M.Yoshida: Development of two GIS-based modeling Frameworks to identify suitable lands for sugarcane cultivation, J. Tropi. Agri. and Deve., 54(2): 51-61, June, 2010.

4. Jayasinghe, P.K.S.C and M.Yoshida: Integrating Spatial Data Mining Technique to identify Potential Areas for Forest Production using GIS and Remote Sensing, J.Agri. Info. Research, 19(2): 23-35, June, 2010.

5. Jayasinghe, P.K.S.C and M.Yoshida: GIS-Based Neural Network Modeling to Predict Suitable Areas for Beetroot in Sri Lanka: Towards Sustainable Agriculture, J. Deve. Sustainable Agri., 4(3): 165-172, Feb, 2010.

6. Jayasinghe, P.K.S.C., T. Machida and M.Yoshida: Identification of Suitable Lands for Beetroot in up Country of Sri Lanka using GIS-Weighted Overlay Technique with Normalized Weighting Methods, J.Japanese Agri. Sys. Soc., 25(1): 17-26, December, 2009.

7. Jayasinghe, P.K.S.C and T. Machida: Web-Based GIS Online Consulting System with Crop-Land Suitability Identification, J. Agri. Info. Research, 17(1):13-19, June, 2008.


Conference Publications

1. Jayasinghe P.K.S.C. and Chathurika K.A.B.A: Mobile-based Detection and Classification System for Plant Leaf Diseases using Image Processing Technique. World Congress on Computers in Agriculture and Asia Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture (WCCA/AFITA) Conference, Suncheon, South Korea, June, 2016.

2. Chathurika K.B.A.B. and Jayasinghe P.K.S.C: A Revised Averaging Algorithm for an Effective Feature Extraction in Component-based Image Retrieval System. 2015 IEEE International Advance Computing Conference, B.M.S. College of Engineering, Bangalore, India, June, 2015.

3. Jayasinghe P.K.S.C. and Yoshida Masao: Spatial data mining techniques to evaluate forest extent changes using GIS and Remote Sensing, International Conference on Advances in ICT for Emerging Regions (IEEE conference), BMICH, Colombo, Sri Lanka, August, 2013.

4. Jayasinghe, P.K.S.C., M.Yoshida and T. Machida: An Agricultural Field work management system for Rural farmers in Sri Lanka. 7th World Congress on Computer in Agriculture (WCCA), Reno, Nevada, USA, June 2009.

5. Jayasinghe, P.K.S.C., M. Yoshida and T. Machida: Development of Artificial Neural Network and Weighted Overlay models to evaluate suitable area for sugarcane using GIS. Meeting for reading research papers in agricultural informatics association. Tokyo University, Japan, May, 2009.

6. Jayasinghe, P.K.S.C., M. Yoshida, D.A.L. Leelamanie and T. Machida: Development of Fieldwork Reminder System to help for Field Management. Word Conference on Agricultural Information and IT, Tokyo Agricultural University, Tokyo, Japan, August 2008.

7. Jayasinghe, P.K.S.C. and T. Machida: Web-based Spatial Decision Support System for Farmers in Developing Countries. International student conference at Ibaraki University (ISCUI3). Ibaraki University, Ibaraki ken, Japan, October 2007.

8. Jayasinghe, P.K.S.C. and T. Machida: Web-GIS Online Crop Consulting System Based on Land Suitability Analysis using Soil Physical-Chemical properties, Climate and Topography Factors. Joint conference on environmental engineering in Agriculture, Tokyo, Japan, September 2007.

9. Jayasinghe, P.K.S.C. and T. Machida: Land Suitability Identification for Beetroot using GIS in up country of Sri Lanka. Ecological services Functions for Sustainable Agriculture in Asia. International Symposium, Ibaraki University, Japan, September 2007.

10. Jayasinghe, P.K.S.C. and T. Machida: Web–Based GIS Consulting Portal with Crop-Land Suitability. European Federation of IT in Agriculture (EFITA-2007), Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow, United Kingdom, July 2007.



Research Interest

• Image Processing
• e-Society
• IT in Agriculture
• Web-based GIS applications
• Data Mining and Warehousing
• GIS and Remote sensing


Ongoing research