The COVID 19 pandemic has created a real predicament, where the entire human population facing one of the deadliest challenges the world has ever encountered. Individuals and organizations are running after solutions for the problems it has created, paving the way for many innovations and inventions around the world. In times like these, Sri Lankan universities too have stepped up to the plate in various capacities to ensure the fight against this virus isn't fought alone. Whilst the government of Sri Lanka has delayed and re-scheduled the initially planned election to protect voters, a group of students from the Department of Engineering Technology, Faculty of Technology, University of Ruhuna have developed an 'Automated Small Finger Marker' to aid officials to mark voters in an election. This machine has the capability to mark the small finger of a voter automatically and display the total number of voters on an LCD screen. Also, it is automatically sanitized after one use and the next voter and use it safely without the fear of contamination. The traditional way of using a marker pen to mark voters can be dangerous and risky in a time of a deadly virus. Thus, innovations like this would be ideal to protect the voters and ensure the safety of officials.

Under the guidance and supervision of Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ruhuna, Senior Professor Sujeewa Amarasena, students could demonstrate their innovation at the election commission. The final product will be able to store voters' details including name, National identity card number, fingerprint, and a photograph, allowing the government to maintain a database of voters in a short period.

Undergraduates of Faculty of Technology, University of Ruhuna, R.A.P.T Jayasiri, M.J.U.B. Mohottala and U.R.Liyanage presenting their innovation to Assistant Commissioner of Election, Mr.Rasika Peris.

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