The Faculty of Technology has successfully conducted the FOT INVO 2020 programme on 21st Oct, 04th Nov and 10th Dec for this year. During the COVID 19 lockdown the students of the Faculty have been committed to developing their own inventions by utilizing the COVID period in a fruitful way at home. The concept of this competition was put forward by Dean, Dr. K.G.S.Harshadewa Gunawardana. This programme has been arranged by the coordinator, Dr. (Mrs.). E.U.U. Rathnathunga, Senior Lecturer, Dept. of BST, and the organizing committee, Ms. M.S. Jayathilalaka, Lecturer (Probationary) from Dept. of BST, Mr. Uditha Isuranga, Lecturer (Probationary) from Dept. of ET and Ms. Buddhika Gayashani from Lecturer (Probationary) from Dept. of ICT.

"It was a great opportunity for the students as they were able to provide a preliminary platform to the future inventers of the faculty to arise with the glory. During the Xmas Event of Faculty of Technology, Prof. Sujeewa Amarasena, Vice Chancellor of the University of Ruhuna awarded the certificates for the participants of the FOT INVO and the inventions of the individuals or the teams are as follows.

  1. Fingerprint Voting System for Sri Lankan electoral system
  2. Automated hand washer
  3. Isolated patient monitoring system
  4. Modified hazmat suit with controllable inside temperature
  5. Smoke Absorber
  6. Automated small finger marker for election
  7. An automated IOT system
  8. Integrated egg index meter
  9. Solar power sanitizer machine
  10. Automatically measuring Temperature and Smart Safety Door System
  11. RUTS covid 19 helping Robots
  12. App on "COVID 19" (provide dashboard about Covid situation in Sri Lanka)

The Committee is currently planning to conduct the next event in 2021 with a wider opportunity by lunching a blog for the students as well.


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