Feel free to contact student counsellors listed below to get the counselling service in Faculty of Technology, University of Ruhuna.

# Name Department Email Contact number
1 Dr. Thissa Karunarathne
(Senior Deputy Student Counsellor)
Biosystems Technology thissa@fot.ruh.ac.lk 0718168517
2 Dr. Milhan Ajward Engineering Technology ajward@fot.ruh.ac.lk 0713996124
3 Dr. Wathsala Rajawatta Biosystems Technology wathsala@fot.ruh.ac.lk 0718116928
4 Ms. Champika Jayaweera Biosystems Technology champika@fot.ruh.ac.lk 0711371046
5 Mr. Uditha Isuranga Engineering Technology uditha@fot.ruh.ac.lk 0717001454
6 Ms. Hasini Ganege Engineering Technology hasiniganege@fot.ruh.ac.lk 0704944647
7 Mr. Nuwan Laksiri Information and Communication Technology nuwan@fot.ruh.ac.lk 0772472272
8 Ms. Ravihari Liyanage Information and Communication Technology ravihari@fot.ruh.ac.lk 0711824072
9 Ms. Dinithi Vithanage Information and Communication Technology dinithi@fot.ruh.ac.lk 0704417235

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