The introductory monthly teamwork arranged by the Department of Biosystems Technology, Faculty of Technology, University of Ruhuna was successfully rounded off on 26th September 2020. This concept was put forward by the Deputy Vice Chancellor Prof. EPS Chandana with objectives of widening attentiveness on protection, enhancement, value addition and sustainable utilization of land and other resources in faculty premises.

During the introductory session, cleaning and land preparation for model garden, restructuring medicinal plant garden and nurseries, tree planting and all the groundwork necessary for establishment of spices, fruits and vegetable fields (edible gardening concept) took place predominantly.

The event launched was reinforced by members of both academic and non-academic staff, students, security and minor staff where the path was led under the patronage and presence of the Deputy Vice Chancellor Prof. EPS Chandana and Head of the Department (BST), Dr (Mrs) KMW Rajawatta. Involvement of students was significant there as they could obtain ideas where novel technological applications applied and necessary. This programme will be continued monthly with different aspects targeting our objectives redefining difference.

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