This degree programme is designed to address the above issue in the country by producing quality graduates in ICT. Furthermore, the graduates produced under this programme would be given sufficient additional knowledge on complementary subjects and an industrial training to work as a professional ICT expert with leadership and management skills.

Main objectives of the program

Department of Information and Communication Technology offers a Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology Honours - BICT(Hons) degree.The proposed BICT(Hons) degree programme has been focussed on Application Development, BICT (Application Development), which is one of the degree programme proposed by Computer Society of Sri Lanka under new ICT Degree Programme Accreditation Framework. The main objective is to produce quality application developers with relevant subject knowledge on application development principles and ICT principles and with relevant complementary subject knowledge, who could build professional carriers in the field of ICT.

The main objectives, expected graduate attributes and programme outcomes are given under following sections respectively.

Course Structure- Information and Communication Technology - BICT(Hons)