Department of Engineering Technology

Bachelor of Engineering Technology Honours

The time duration of the Engineering Technology Honours degree program is full time 4 years. The course consists of subjects in the areas of Basic Sciences, Mathematics, Workshop Technology, Electrical Systems, Electronics, Mechatronics, Robotics, Automobile Technology, Material Engineering, Technical Drawing and Computer Programming. Further, a total of 6 months of industrial training in a recognize institution is a mandatory component of the degree program. In addition the students are required to follow the complementary subjects offered by the Department of Multidisciplinary Studies as recommended by the degree program.

The distribution of subjects in the full duration of the degree program is as follows :

Level Subjects
Level 1 Basic Sciences, Mathematics, Workshop Technology, Computer Programming. Electronics (Introductory), Electrical Systems (Introductory) and Material Engineering.

Complementary Subjects: English
Level 2 Electronics(Analogue and Digital), Electrical Systems, Object Oriented Programming, Numerical Methods, Automobile Technology, Technical Drawing, Circuit Analysis, Instrumentation and Calibration, Workshop Technology.

Complementary Subjects: Fundamentals of Management, Ethics for Technologists, English, Business Economics, Soft Skills.
Level 3 Electrical Power Systems, Robotics, Properties of Materials, Renewable and Alternative Energy Technology, Environmental Science

Complementary Subjects: Art and Tradition, English, Accounting for Technologists, Safety and Risk Managements
Level 4 Mechatronics, Nanotechnology, Bio-Medical Equipment, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Welding Techniques, Design Project

Complementary Subjects: Communication for Technologists, Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Industrial Sociology